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Yonic Massage - an exclusive tantric massage service for women in London

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What do we do?



A yonic or yoni massage opens up the potential of a woman's sexuality. This is a very personal experience and can lead to an outpouring of emotion. All our masseurs are trained psychologists or therapists to assist with this process of awakening.

Holistic Massage

This warm oil massage connects all the tantric areas in the body, working towards the Second Chakra or pubic region. This process relaxes the body and stimulates the yoni prior to massage.

The Yoni

The final stage involves the massaging of the yoni or - g spot - to give incredible results. The session will conclude with a cup of green tea and chat.

How do we work?


Yonic Massage offer an in-call and out-call service with the M25 and Heathrow areas. We book up early so it is advisable to give us at least 24 hours notice, however you can always check us last minute.

Our massage studio is 2 miles from Big Ben and is based in a loft-style apartment overlooking a park.

Please state whether you would like a male or female masseur, don't worry we wont be offended if you want to see a picture first. Email us for details.



"Yoni Massage awakened my sexuality and showed me that there was so much more to me sexually than I had imagined. I cannot recommend Yoni Massage highly enough, you have to try it to say you have lived!!!!"

Elizabeth, Hampstead

""After a particularly difficult relationship came to an end and after spending some time being celibate I felt numb sexually. I couldn't imagine I would ever feel alive or connected to my sexuality again. I was a little sceptical that Yoni massage would give me the release I had felt in the past with partners I had loved deeply, I didn't think that was possible from a therapy session.
However I had the most powerful sexual awakening of my life and during the climax of the massage I lost all sense of time and my surroundings.
I can't recommend my therapist enough and the insightful and intuitive way in which the treatment is given."

Janet, Berkshire

"Five stars! I am a regular visitor to their relaxing surroundings and invigorating massage. The experience resets me and gives me energy to concentrate on my hectic career."

Louise, Surrey

"As a 40 year old who had never experienced an orgasm I found the service a revelation in many ways. I have started teaching my boyfriend the techniques - I am hoping to book a couples session soon."

Jane, Knightsbridge